The PRISM 3 clinical research trial is for patients who have had a recurrence of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI or C. diff). The trial will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CP101 to prevent recurrence of CDI compared against placebo.

The study drug (CP101, a Full-Spectrum Microbiota™ product) is an investigational oral pill designed to deliver bacteria to your gut. Learn more

To participate, men and women must be 18 years of age or older and meet health criteria. Learn more.

If you are eligible to participate in the trial, you will meet with your study doctor to be randomly assigned to receive either a single dose of the study drug or placebo (no active ingredients). Trial participants will attend a total of 7 clinic visits over a 6-month period. Learn more.

We are working with doctors at medical facilities across the United States to conduct the PRISM 3 trial for patients with recurrent CDI. Learn more.

The trial is sponsored by Finch Therapeutics Group, an American biotech company that develops therapies derived from the community of bacteria that live in our gut, termed the gut microbiome. Learn more